Pretty in Peplum

                                 Dress: Ross :: Shoes: Mia :: Clutch: Ross :: Belt: Macy's

Hello everyone! As I'm sure you've noticed peplum has been returned to the fashion forefront once again and will be a huge trend into the fall. Peplum dates all the way back to Ancient Greek clothing but the peplum as we know it today is a derivative of the fit and flare fashions of the 1940's jackets. I've had a love/hate relationship with the return of the peplum in fashion lately because as I mentioned in my first post, I love the feminine fashions of the 1940's and 1950's so I'm no stranger to the appreciation of a good peplum dress. While I obviously love the silhouette, when something becomes trendy it loses its uniqueness and something that was a part of your distinct style now just blends in with the crowd. I found this dress while I was out dorm shopping for my sisters. Of course I didn't stick to the task at hand and wandered off into the dress section where I found this gem for under $20! I loved the color and the price sealed the deal. I didn't try it on in the store, luckily, it fit. It is a tad short for my liking, but I may let the hem out which I'm sure will put it right where I'd like it to be. How do you feel about the peplum trend and what other vintage styles do you think will be resurrected from the fashion grave this upcoming season?

                                                                                                            - L. A. S.