Flower Power

Fashion Facts :: Blouse: Forever21 :: Skirt: Consigned :: Clutch: Consigned :: Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Hello again! I love the muted pastels on this skirt so I had to wear it again before the summer came to a close. I added a gold belt to cinch in my waist a bit and to match the gold accents on my shoes. The clutch in a different texture and print to add a subtle touch of interest to the look. Mixed prints will be a trend that continues into the fall and can be easily done as long as you keep your prints in the same color family. I wore this to church this past Sunday where the message was about giving grace. The core of the sermon was teaching that once God imparts grace upon you, its your responsibility to then grant grace to others no matter what the circumstance. During the sermon, I had decided that I was going to adopt this practice of imparting graciousness, no matter how unworthy my offender, because that's exactly what God has done for me. I was immediately met with a test of how gracious I would be when I unknowingly walked into a conversation about how ugly my skirt was. Now, this wasn't the first time I've heard someone gossiping about me and I usually just write it off as poor home training, but still the first thought that came to me was to turn around and give somebody a piece of my mind. Realizing that this was a test, I knew that I couldn't just go and say what had popped into my head so, I just continued walking like I didn't hear a thing. After thinking it over, this situation just illustrated once again just how great God really is. We were created in God's image for His glory and we have done nothing but constantly sin against Him ever since The Garden of Eden. My little encounter is so totally minuscule in comparison to some of the things God has forgiven me for so, there is no reason  why I shouldn't be able to forgive those that I feel have wronged me. I realize that every situation won't be as petty as this and will be a bit more challenging than others but, no matter what it is, nothing will ever be comparable to the amazing grace that I've received after chronically sinning against a Holy God.  Now this may not be what you were here for but I warned you that this blog was about my love of fashion AND my love of God. I mean, I can't just be all fashion all the time, a girl has to have some sort of substance right? Hopefully this will encourage you to to impart grace to someone in your life who's wronged you and forgive them because if your reading this God has granted you grace just in allowing you to see another day, and besides that, you'll feel so much better when you rid your mind of whatever negativity that came along with the situation.

                                                                                                   Be blessed,