Fresh Princess

Fashion Facts:: Blouse: Thrifted :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Belt: Gift :: Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita :: Clutch: Ross

This silk shirt stood out to me for obvious reasons, the print is very late 80's early 90s but I love it none the less. I purchased this combo during the summer but I couldn't wear it until the heat subsided because silk and leather in the summer is a heat stroke waiting to happen. I wanted the blouse to be the focal point so the other pieces are black, with the exception of the polka dot belt. 90s fab isn't my typical style (I'm usually more June Cleaver than Pamela James) but, dressing outside of your comfort zone every now and then is fun way to try new styles. I often stress dressing the part of a child of God, but, you should never turn your nose up on someone who doesn't fit your idea of what that should look like. While you can glean a lot of information about someone based on how they dress, you never really know who someone is until you sit down and get to know them, and lets face it, even then you only know what they want you to know about them. I remember being out with a friend a few years ago and seeing two women in the distance wearing skirts that swept the ground. My initial thoughts were "hey, I'm one of you!" but when they got closer they gave me the "I'm judging you face" and quickly squelched my feelings of comradery. I thought that I looked quite nice in my orange cardigan, denim skirt and brown peep-toe wedges (I don't know why I still remember what I was wearing, that's just how my mind works) but they obviously thought otherwise. My skirt may not have been as long or as loose as theirs but I considered it to be just as appropriate . The devil himself could be donning the most modest of fashions and that wouldn't make him any less treacherous just like a girl with a hemline a little to high above her knees doesn't make her any less of a believer if that's what she is. The most important component in being a believer isn't your wardrobe, but rather, your relationship with Christ. Everybody is on a different level in their walk with Christ and that shouldn't effect you or your relationship with Christ in the least (See Romans 15). If someone isn't a believer and your trying to encourage them to become one, judging them isn't going to help, after all its easier to catch bees with honey than with an upturned nose. I guess the moral of this story is that while dressing appropriately counts for something, it hardly counts for everything in the grand scheme of things. God judges your heart so, the condition of your heart should always take precedence over your outfit if you ask me.

                                                                                                                Be Blessed, 
                                                                                                                     - L.A.S.