Hipster Hopeful?

         Fashion Facts: Jacket: Forever21 :: Turtleneck: BCBG Max Azria :: Skirt: Thrifted :: Socks: Jessica Simpson :: Pumps: Dolce Vita

This is a fun look that put me in the mindset of an edgy school uniform, I felt like I was apart of Jenny Humphrey's pop up fashion show (Gossip Girl reference). My apparel is quite simple in essence, but by adding the short lacy socks with the suede heels it creates a fun yet edgy twist to a classic look. When wearing skirts in the fall and winter months, great hosiery is a must because it can provide both warmth and style. While these particular socks are a little lacks in the warmth department, it adds a certain edge and uniqueness that this outfit wouldn't have without them.  I mentioned in a previous post that I'm not a huge fan of the hipster trend, and that it was another story for another time... well now is that time. What bothers me about "hipsters"is that these self proclaimed cool cats are appropriating a style of dress that African Americans made popular during the 1940s jazz age. If it wasn't bad enough that the style was being mimicked by unassociated onlookers in its heyday, 70 years later its originators still aren't being credited. Some may argue that the idea of fashion being appropriated is a bit dramatic because trends constantly come and go as time progresses. While this is true, its important to credit the source of your inspiration and truly understand it. Going to a thrift store to find suspenders to slap on under a chunky cardigan to wear to the local coffee shop does not give you automatic cool points. I understand that some people genuinely love the throwback fashions of the 40s and that's what drives your influenced fashion. If you are one of those people you may understand my sight annoyance with this trend, a true fan of the forties fashions will be wearing inspired pieces (or the real deal if your lucky) 20 years from now opposed to those who are just wearing something because its popular right now.  I'm not quite sure if I have an issue with the label "hipster" or the fashion band wagoners (if you will),  but either way, I can't wait for this trend to go away. No matter what is considered in vogue or on trend, what you wear and the way you dress should always be a reflection of your personal style and what makes you happy. Do not fall victim to fashions that have nothing to do with your lifestyle or what you like just because its trending at the moment. What are some of the trends of the moment that you find slightly irritating?
                                                                                                           - L.A.S.