Tartan Time

             Fashion Facts: Jacket: Forever21 :: Top: H&M :: Skirt: Thrifted :: Shoes: Forever21

The cooler temperatures are finally starting to settle in here in the DMV, and while its still tolerable, its definitely time to break out the jackets and blazers that have been on hiatus since last year. This is a lightweight waist length trench coat that I found at Forever21 a year or two ago. Its great for chilly, windy days like we've been having here recently. This skirt I've had for a few years now (luckily I can still fit it) and its one of my favorites. Tartan, or plaid, is one of my all time favorite fall trends. It can easily be dressed up or down and can be worn with an array of different colors or prints. I paired it with this mustard colored shirt to match the accent color in the skirt. Last week someone told me that they thought I dressed provocatively. My initial reaction was, "Who me?" but it caused me to closely examine myself and what I put on and the message that I'm sending. I never want to advertise something that's not for sale and I certainly don't want to promote a lifestyle other than the one that I strive to live for Christ. I honestly believe that the guy said that just to see what my reaction would be, nevertheless, I'm glad that he shared his thoughts because sometimes its necessary to closely examine both your actions and intent. I would much rather be noticed for my spiritual beauty, opposed to physical and so my actions and attire should mirror that. After all, its not like I'm still in high school and have my mother to telling me when something was too tight or short (which she loved to do by the way), its up to me to be cognizant of my image and the message that its sending. I'll try to be more aware of what I'm doing while getting dressed from now on. What crosses your mind while your getting dressed, are you aware of the message that your sending?

                                                                                                                           - L.A.S.