Double Denim

Fashion Facts:: Blouse: Old Navy :: Skirt: Ross :: Shoes: Forever21 :: Fur Collar: Ebay  :: Nakuru Tribe

One of my life goals is to travel to at least 5 different countries before my 30th birthday. I've made some progress but, I still have four more places to see before I can scratch that dream off of my to do list. One of the top destinations on my list is Africa. I would love to spend at least a year there with my people just learning the languages, all of the different cultures, and of course studying the fashion! While my time to visit has yet to come, one of my aunts just recently returned from a mission trip to Kenya and lucky for me, the gift giving came a little early this year.  The colorful clutch featured in this look was created by the hands of the the Nakuru people (my aunt is convinced we're descendents of this tribe).  Its was crafted from recycled plastic packaging and I could actually decipher some of what the materials use to be. I decided to pair the clutch with a denim on denim look. I added the red heels and faux fur collar to glam up the otherwise simple outfit. Its been unseasonably warm (I believe this is a sign of the times, y'all better stay woke Luke 212:25, Mathew 16:2 , Romans 13:11) so I really didn't need a jacket but I ended up layering with a light trench coat just to be on the safe side.

                                                                                                                           - L.A.S.