Power Up

            Fashion Facts: Blazer: Ralph Lauren :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Shoes: Mia :: Glasses: Dior

The classic business look for a women usually consists of  some sort of pant or skirt suit and can easily become very humdrum if you work in the professional world. Infusing your work wardrobe with vibrant colors and fun prints is a great way to mix up "the usual". This ensemble isn't a suit but, the pieces are in the same cobalt blue color so I thought it would be fun to wear them together for a classic work look with a bit of an edge. The neon strip down the sides and back of the pencil skirt along with the platform leopard print shoes gives the otherwise basic look some personality. This is my first time wearing glasses in one of my fashion posts, and I absolutely love these frames. I have really poor vision when it comes to seeing things that are at a distance and so when I saw these in the optometrist's office, I just had to have them. I don't wear them to often because I don't want to have any type of involvement in this hipster trend that just won't go away but, that's another story for another time. What are some of your favorite ways to add personality to your work wardrobe?
                                                                                                       Be Blessed, 
                                                                                                                   - L.A.S.

Fall Fab

This is a look book of different ensembles that I've put together to give you a few ideas for when your out shopping for the fall. Summer coming to close doesn't mean that you have to give up beautiful vibrant colors and these looks give you some ideas on how you can incorporate color into your fall wardrobe. I hope that you enjoy! 

                                                                                                                    - L.A.S.  

Casual Cool

        Fashion Facts:: Top: Faded Glory :: Skirt: Micheal Kors :: Shoes: Fioni :: Bag: Forever21

Hi! This is a casual look that I wore to go have a pizza with some of my family. It was a little chilly out, causing me get excited to pull out some of my favorite jackets and blazers that I haven't been able to wear since this time last year. I'm sure that my excitement will diminish somewhere between forty and fifty degrees, but until then I'll enjoy it. I had a great time with my family and we ended the night with a few games a ping pong and movies. I tried something new with my hair this week and I'm still not really sure if I like it. I thought that I had to give it some time to get use to it but I think that I may change it up a bit until I'm satisfied.


I'd like to give a special thank you to my brother Jordan for his photography skills and patience. :)

Maximize Me

Maximize Me by lovelatorri on polyvore.com

Maxi dresses and skirts have been huge all summer. The fun and feminine style is so easy and effortless to wear so, I'm sure that your not ready to part ways with your long frocks just yet and luckily, you don't have to. Maxi styled clothing can easily be transitioned into great garments for the the fall and winter months however, there are a few key guidelines that you may want to follow to make sure your pieces will work for the fall. For one, be sure that the material of you dress or skirt is appropriate. Fabrics like cotton are great all year round. Secondly, make sure the print is season appropriate. Floral prints in darker hues are perfectly fine, but you may want to put your light pastel printed pieces away until spring. Adding layering pieces such as blazer, vests, and scarfs are also a great way to take your items from summer to fall. I've created a few looks to illustrate the guidelines and to give you a little fashion inspiration.  I hope that you enjoy them!

                                                              - L.A.S.

Paisley & Peplum

                           Fashion Facts:: Blouse: Thrifted :: Skirt: Thrifted :: Shoes: Guess

 Happy Monday! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend. This is the look that I wore to church on Sunday and I really enjoyed the service. I found this entire outfit at my favorite thrift store (on different occasions) and I love how all of the pieces have a vintage vibe. I was really excited about finding this skirt because its so unique, I've had it for over a year and I still haven't seen anything else like it! The accent colors in this top adds a lot of interest to the classic paisley print. I was torn between a pair of nude pumps and the metallic pumps but, as you can see, I decided to go with the metallic pumps just to modernize the look a bit. What do you think of vintage inspired ensembles?
                                                                                                   - L.A.S.

Denim Done Right

With autumn being right around the corner I thought it would be fun to show some stylish examples of how you can take a trendy summer pieces and adapt it into your fall wardrobe. As I'm sure you've noticed this past summer, denim has been more popular in blouses, vests, and jackets than it's been in jeans (okay, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic but you get where I'm coming from).  I've put together a slideshow of different looks that illustrate how you can wear denim into the next months and look completely fall appropriate. I hope that you find some inspiration that you can incorporate into your life!


Flower Power

Fashion Facts :: Blouse: Forever21 :: Skirt: Consigned :: Clutch: Consigned :: Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Hello again! I love the muted pastels on this skirt so I had to wear it again before the summer came to a close. I added a gold belt to cinch in my waist a bit and to match the gold accents on my shoes. The clutch in a different texture and print to add a subtle touch of interest to the look. Mixed prints will be a trend that continues into the fall and can be easily done as long as you keep your prints in the same color family. I wore this to church this past Sunday where the message was about giving grace. The core of the sermon was teaching that once God imparts grace upon you, its your responsibility to then grant grace to others no matter what the circumstance. During the sermon, I had decided that I was going to adopt this practice of imparting graciousness, no matter how unworthy my offender, because that's exactly what God has done for me. I was immediately met with a test of how gracious I would be when I unknowingly walked into a conversation about how ugly my skirt was. Now, this wasn't the first time I've heard someone gossiping about me and I usually just write it off as poor home training, but still the first thought that came to me was to turn around and give somebody a piece of my mind. Realizing that this was a test, I knew that I couldn't just go and say what had popped into my head so, I just continued walking like I didn't hear a thing. After thinking it over, this situation just illustrated once again just how great God really is. We were created in God's image for His glory and we have done nothing but constantly sin against Him ever since The Garden of Eden. My little encounter is so totally minuscule in comparison to some of the things God has forgiven me for so, there is no reason  why I shouldn't be able to forgive those that I feel have wronged me. I realize that every situation won't be as petty as this and will be a bit more challenging than others but, no matter what it is, nothing will ever be comparable to the amazing grace that I've received after chronically sinning against a Holy God.  Now this may not be what you were here for but I warned you that this blog was about my love of fashion AND my love of God. I mean, I can't just be all fashion all the time, a girl has to have some sort of substance right? Hopefully this will encourage you to to impart grace to someone in your life who's wronged you and forgive them because if your reading this God has granted you grace just in allowing you to see another day, and besides that, you'll feel so much better when you rid your mind of whatever negativity that came along with the situation.

                                                                                                   Be blessed,

Boho Breeze

 Fashion Facts:: Tee: Forever21 :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Sandals: Old Navy :: Scarf: Ross :: Purse: Betsey Johnson

 Hello everyone! I hope your having a great day so far. This was just a simple look that I threw together a few days ago to run some errands with my mom. I love a nice pleated skirt as I'm sure you've gathered from my previous post, and this one is in a gorgeous green that could be dressed up or down.  I paired it with a basic v-neck tee shirt and wore it casually. The scarf was a last minute accessory that I put on because I couldn't get my bangs to lay the way that I wanted them to. Scarves are a great way to add a bit of interest to an other wise simple look. This one is pretty light weight and I'll probably be wearing it around my neck as a layering piece for fall. This look, minus the scarf, is one of my favorite go-to looks when I'll be out and about because it looks put together without requiring much effort and its comfortable. What are some of your favorite go-to looks?
                                                                                                                - L.A.S.


                     Tee: ASOS :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Shoes: Forever21 :: Purse: Betsey Johnson

 I was perusing my favorite online like stores per usual when I came across this t-shirt with my birth year printed down the back on asos.com. I thought it was really cute and I wore for my birthday which I celebrated on August 29th. The shirt was a little bigger than what I expected but I couldn't return it since all of the smaller sizes had already sold out so I just tied it up in the front.  It still feels a little strange saying that I'm 22 but I'm definitely grateful for another year of life.

                                                                                              - L.A.S.