Sporty Spice

Fashion Facts:: Jacket: Forever21 :: Tee: Forever21 :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Shoes: Forever21 :: Purse: Thrifted

Yes, yes... I know, I'm late. The wedged sneaker trend was not something that I thought that I would be participating in when it first burst onto the scene in 2012, in fact, I actually said the I would be having absolutely no parts in it. The thought of a sneaker/wedge hybrid just seemed downright tacky to me but, I obviously had to recant my statement. When Isabel Marant first released her line of $700 wedged sneakers I wasn't a fan of the aesthetics of the shoe. I later saw the Marc Jacobs version and while I found his adaptation to be a bit more appealing, I still didn't see myself in wedged sneakers. After awhile, everywhere you looked there was some version of the wedged sneaker and quite frankly, I was sick of it. It wasn't until I was doing my daily once over of Forever21's website a few weeks ago and spotted the shoes in the photos above that I began to have a change of heart. I loved the color scheme and the fact that they were five inches, which is a lot higher than its counterparts, peaked my interest. They were on sale and so I thought I would give them a try and I was pleasantly surprised. Forever21 has definitely improved the quality of their shoes recently (causing me to purchase five pairs in the last month, pray for me) and they've even released a line of stunning genuine leather shoes that range in price from $49.99- $79.99. I decided to pair my wedged sneakers with an all black ensemble and my blue Knicks beanie (I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that they cooled Miami's heat the day that I wore this). It was a very comfy casual look that's great for running errands or a day of shopping. 

                                                                    - L.A.S.

Mix & Match

 Fashion Facts:: Blouse: Old Navy :: Cardigan: Forever21 :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Welcome to the new and improved Styled In Grace! I told you that 2014 would bring about some changes so I thought that it was only right that I spruce things up a bit. Let me know what you think of the layout in the comment section below. Any who, I was defiantly getting a nineties vibe after I put this look together. I felt like I should have been sitting in The Pit munching on fries with Whitley and Dwayne (A Different World reference). I love oversized cardigans and the bold print on this one made it a hard piece to pass up. I decided to have fun with the bold print and mix with an understated polka dotted button down and a hard to miss polka dotted belt to cinch in my waist. I wore the vibrant electric blue skirt to break up the monochromatic look and paired it all with some funky grey booties to complete the look. I defiantly miss the outspoken prints of the nineties and I can't' wait for the spring and summer where I'm sure we'll be seeing a resurgence of the throwback styles.


Animal Lover

 Fashion Facts:: Blouse: Talbots :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Faux Fur Collar: Gift :: Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny :: Clutch: Ross

I can't believe that we're already a week into the new year! Time is flying by and so far, things are off to a great start. I have big plans for 2014 and some great things are already falling into place. This look is my first style post of the new year so I thought it was only right that it be slightly dramatic, you know...start things off with a bang. I paired this beautiful faux fur collar that I got for Christmas with this animal printed skirt that I purchased in an after Christmas sale from Forever21. The other pieces are old faithfuls that I already had in my closet that I used to pull everything together. This is the look that I would have worn to bring in 2014 if I hadn't spent my night behind a desk at work. This look could easily be paired with any solid colored blazer or cardigan for a more subtle look that could easily be transitioned from day to night.


Born To Love

Fashion Facts: Sweater: Forever21 :: Skirt: Forever21 :: Tights: Jessica Simpson :: Booties: Fioni :: Phone Case: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as I enjoyed mine! This is what I wore to my family's holiday gathering were we overdosed on good food and lots of laughs. This sweater is one of my Cyber Monday finds. Its very comfortable and probably would be one of my favorites if I didn't have to keep pulling out my lint brush to roll over my skirt. I usually try to stay away from clothing with writing because it can appear to be a bit juvenile if your not careful. To avoid looking to jovial I paired the message sweater with my favorite faux leather paneled skirt, printed tights, and peep toe booties. This was a great easy casual look that allowed me to have fun with my family without me having to constantly adjust my clothing.